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About Us is a review site created for football punters by football punters.

We know how difficult it is to tell trusted football tipsters from the not so trustworthy ones and we created this site to make it easier – both for ourselves and for other punters.

We use state of the art software and our expert knowledge to study tips sites and see who is really providing today’s most trusted betting tips.

We verify tipsters, verify tips histories and we continually monitor sites to ensure their tips quality remains high.

We then list the top 10 performing sites here on our web page. These sites offer high win rate tips, timely and convenient tip delivery, responsive customer service and more.

But Who Are We & Why Should You Trust Us?

First off, we are not doing this to make money. We make plenty of money betting on football matches. This started as a way for the three of us to check tipster sites and find the ones with the most trusted tips.

Once we used the site for a while and discovered how valuable it is, we decided to make it available to all football punters. Not being able to find trusted betting tips is a number one reason why bettors fail today. This site can help.

This site makes finding trusted football tipsters easy and convenient. Just type in our address and look at our rankings.

Sites pay us a fee to analyze them but this just covers our expenses. It is not a guarantee of a ranking. We reject many more sites than we accept.

As for Our Team …

We include:

  • A guy who used to be one of the top tipsters in the world
  • A guy who created one of the very best neural network tipster analyzing programs in the world
  • And a guy who used to run a Fortune 500 company

Remember, we are all football punters and we originally created this site to help ourselves but ended up deciding to share it with the world because it is so valuable.

We are not out for glory, that’s why we didn’t list our names above, we are doing this out of the goodness of our heart. You can choose to take advantage of this amazing tool or you can choose to move on.

In either case, we wish you nothing but the best of luck!