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In an effort to provide the highest accuracy soccer picks to passionate bettors worldwide, has assembled one of the most talented team of European tipsters ever created. This team has access to the latest insights, news, web clippings and virtually any information that matters in the soccer betting world.

As part of our analysis, we join sites and personally test their tips. Once a site makes it into our top 10, we continue to monitor the site’s tips for quality. Here are the results from our initial 30-day test of

Results from Monitoring Period

Total verified tips 1500
Average hit rate 83.12
Average odds 2.90
Total stakes 182121

Win Rate

Total Plus Units







Site Positives:

Bet4Wins members enjoy:

  • 83% win rate for tips
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Excellent support
  • Medium to high odds
  • Picks delivered by email
  • Accurate tips history
  • Multiple safe payment methods, including credit card and PayPal
  • And much more

Site Negatives:

For those seeking a variety of membership plans to choose from, Bet4Wins only offers two. However, both plans are reasonably priced and are available through the site’s easy to use, highly secure payment process.

Opening an Account at Bet4Wins

Joining Bet4Wins is very easy. You just select the membership plan that is right for you, pay and start receiving tips. Tips begin being delivered immediately after payment has been processed. Tips are delivered via email right to your inbox. You will receive tips in a timely manner so that you can place your bets well before the match begins and enjoy the best early odds.

The VIP tips are the best of the best, offering higher odds, a higher win rate and an even faster opportunity to build your bankroll.


The tips provided to us by Bet4Wins produced a high 83% win rate over the 30-day initial trial period. We bet 1000 EUR on each tip and we made a total of ???? EUR during our month-long testing.


To put it simply, if you want to start making smart bets that will greatly improve your profit-margins then Bet4Wins is the perfect source of soccer picks for you.

What makes this site special?

First and foremost, the quality of its picks says a lot. Site officials say they believe in hard cold evidence and their high win rate of 83% or higher on tips is just that – proof of their excellence. Of course, they also offer additional valuable services such as responsive support, betting advice and more.

If you want to be in the major leagues of soccer betting, the tips provided by Bet4Wins can put you there. For those bettors looking to make smarter bets and really increase their profit-margins, Bet4Wins is the perfect source of picks for you.

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Last Updated: March, 2017

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