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BuyWinTips focuses exclusively on Premium Tips that bring as much profit as possible to its clients. The site’s motto is "where there's a will, there's a way" meaning if you truly want to do something, you will find a way to do it, in spite of any obstacles. Site officials believe following that motto is how they've managed to make it big in the world of soccer betting. They never gave up and ultimately found the right way to choose winners.

As part of our analysis, we join sites and personally test their tips. Once a site makes it into our top 10, we continue to monitor the site’s tips for quality. Here are the results from our initial 30-day test of BuyWinTips’s tips:

Results from Monitoring Period

Total verified tips 1500
Average hit rate 83.12
Average odds 2.90
Total stakes 182121

Win Rate

Total Plus Units







Site Positives:

Bet4Wins members enjoy:

  • 3 membership plans to choose from – 2 Tips, 10 Tips, 30 Tips. Plus, 1 supreme grade tip
  • High win rate for tips
  • Medium to high odds for all tips
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Accurate past performance records
  • Easy to use customer support
  • Lots of positive testimonials from subscribers
  • And much more

Site Negatives:

Again, it’s often hard to find any negatives about the sites that make our Top 10. The one issue we noticed was that the first time we contacted BuyWinTips customer support team they didn’t respond within 24 hours. We received a response to our question approximately 25 hours after asking it along with a profuse apology for the late reply. We contacted customer support three more times during the course of the month test period and always received a timely reply, which makes us believe this was a fluke one-time occurrence that doesn’t normally happen.

Opening an Account at BuyWinTips

Simply select one of the sites four membership plan, click the appropriate button, pay and start receiving your tips immediately. You can pay via credit card or by PayPal. The four membership plans offered by BuyWinTips are:

Tips are delivered by email and consistently arrive on time.


The tips provided to us by BuyWinTips produced a high 77% win rate over the 30-day initial trial period. We bet 1000 EUR on each tip and we made a total of ???? EUR during our month-long testing.


We found to be one of the most responsible online tipster services.

They obviously believe strongly in what they do and have become masters at choosing accurate soccer tips. They take their responsibility to produce as much profit as possible for each and every subscriber seriously.

That’s why we can highly recommend this tips site to both beginning bettors as well as more experienced bettors who haven’t been able to achieve the level of success they desire. The tips provided by BuyWinTips can definitely take your winnings to the next level. And remember, the site offers four different membership plans – so it has something for every budget.

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Last Updated: March, 2017

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