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Ready to become known as one of the most trusted football tipsters on the Internet and receive all the benefits of that such as more subscribers and higher earnings? Then complete the short form below to get started. There is a small fee charged to cover the time and expenses incurred when we study your site. This fee is no guarantee of your site being ranked in our top 10. We reject more sites than we accept. Thank you for your interest. Fill out the form to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I am not ranked will my fee be refunded?

No, the fee covers the man hours and expenses incurred when studying your site. It is not refundable.

2. What requirements must I meet to be considered for your rankings?

A tips site must be one year old or older; must have offered at least 300 tips; most have a 100% real tips history; must provide us with full contact information; and must give us access to its daily tips.

3. Can I do anything to increase my chances of being ranked?

Other than offering high quality, highly trusted tips and excellent customer service – no. We base our rankings solely on the quality of your site/tips and nothing else.

4. Will you check my tips history?

Yes, an accurate tips history is a key component of our analysis of your site.

5. What are the benefits of being verified?

Achieving a top 10 ranking on our site will build your credibility and expose you to a larger audience. As a result, you can expect your number of subscribers, and thus your earnings, to increase.

How To Start

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