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Registered since 20.08.2017

PositiveBets advertises itself as the fastest online tipster service. In addition to being fast with its delivery of tips it is also highly accurate. The site won 20 out of 24 recent bets as listed in its accurate tips history. Tips cover leagues located around the world, including major leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A and more.

As part of our analysis, we join sites and personally test their tips. Once a site makes it into our top 10, we continue to monitor the site’s tips for quality. Here are the results from our initial 30-day test of PositiveBets:

Results from Monitoring Period

Total verified tips 1500
Average hit rate 83.12
Average odds 2.90
Total stakes 182121

Win Rate

Total Plus Units







Site Positives:

Four major advantages of PositiveBets are:

Fastest online tipping system – those who join this site receive tips lightning fast which ensures that they are always get higher odds from their bookmaker.

Multiple Payment Possibilities – PositiveBets accepts multiple payment methods so that its clients can pay safely, securely and with their preferred payment processor.

Worldwide Coverage – The site’s tipster team covers Worldwide leagues and this method ensures a winning ratio and profitability for its clients.

Online Friendly Support – The support department is at client disposal 24 hours a day. No matter how small the problem, the site urges clients to go ahead and contact them.

Site Negatives:

PositiveBets only offers one membership plan – a 1-tip plan for 149 EUR. This could prove to be a hardship for bettors looking to bet regularly as they will have to visit the site each day and purchase the 1-tip plan. On the other hand, by only offering a 1-tip plan the site is helping bettors avoid losing money on tips they don’t use, which happens sometimes with longer 30 tip plans.

Opening an Account at PositiveBets

PositiveBets offers a 1-tip membership plan for 149 EUR. To purchase, you simply click the order button, enter your payment details and click submit.

Once payment is processed you will begin receiving tips immediately. Tips are delivered via email right to your inbox. During our analysis, tips were delivered in a timely manner each day. Remember, this the fastest tipping service!


The tips provided to us by PositiveBets achieved a high 79% win rate over the 30-day initial trial period. We bet 1000 EUR on each tip and we made a total of ???? EUR during our month-long testing.


We found that PositiveBets delivers on its promises. It really does deliver tips quickly, ensuring that you have plenty of time to contact your bookie and place your bet.

This fast delivery of tips also allows you to lock in the best odds early. In addition to fast delivery, the site also provides high win rate tips, responsive customer support and expert betting advice. In short, it has everything a soccer bettor needs to succeed today.

This tips site is another great choice for bettors. You can’t go wrong with PositiveBets.

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Last Updated: March, 2017

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