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Registered since 20.08.2017

This site says its members have started referring to it as "The One Stop Shop." The reason? Because after a member has received their daily prediction he or she does not need anyone else’s advice anymore. At the Prediction Shop, bettors get a fair price for predictions more powerful and more accurate than ever before. What's even better about the Prediction shop is that 88% of tips a member receives are from major European Leagues, that means good odds, big profits and excellent games!

As part of our analysis, we join sites and personally test their tips. Once a site makes it into our top 10, we continue to monitor the site’s tips for quality. Here are the results from our initial 30-day test of PredictionShop’s tips:

Results from Monitoring Period

Total verified tips 1500
Average hit rate 83.12
Average odds 2.90
Total stakes 182121

Win Rate

Total Plus Units







Site Positives:

The Prediction Shop offers:

  • A strong win rate – the site aims for a win rate of 84% each month.
  • Secure payment system – Members can pay via credit card or PayPal.
  • Fast support – The site offers a support team that is available 24/7/365.

Site Negatives:

The Prediction Shop only offers two one-tip plans – a regular 1-tip plan for 165 EUR and a 1 Premium Tip Plan for 499 EUR. The lack of a month-long, 30-tip plan means members must revisit the site each day they want to receive a tip. However, this approach could also save members money by preventing them from getting tips they don’t use, which can happen with longer plans.

Opening an Account at PredictionShop

Just click on the Buy Today’s Tip or Buy Premium Tip button, enter your payment details and click submit. Once your payment is processed you will receive your tip right away. The site’s payment process is secure and easy to use.


The tips provided to us by Prediction Shop achieved a high 84% win rate over the 30-day initial trial period. We bet 1000 EUR on each tip and we made a total of ???? EUR during our month-long testing.


The high win rate of the tips delivered by Prediction Shop is what makes this site such a winner. Of course, the site’s additional features, which include email delivery of tips, 24/7 customer support, betting advice and more, also add to the site’s value.

But despite all the positives, we keep coming back to that 84% win rate. That incredible win rate allowed us to build a significant balance in our betting account – and we believe it can help you do the same.

That’s why we recommend this site so highly to bettors everywhere. The site’s additional features are the icing on the cake. Go ahead try a tip from this site and we guarantee you’ll come back again the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that and so on. This is a fantastic tips site.

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Last Updated: March, 2017

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